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Play Pogo Chess.

Chess Game has been the most famous tactical game in the world for hundreds of years. At present, people still love to play it everywhere, and there are annual international competitions.

Based on the original chess game, Pogo has developed a new web version of the game, which is also the favorite game of millions of people.

Overview of Chess Game

You can play with a bot to improve your playing chess skills! All players will have their own ranks so they can play with people at the same level. Create a lobby, and you can customize its rules. You can also review your move history to calculate better!

How to play


Pogo Chess Game

Perhaps you have known already, this is a 2-person game. This game takes place on a square board, called a chessboard. The board consists of 8 rows (numbered from 1 to 8) and eight columns (type letters from a to h), creating 64 squares with the dark and light color set next to each other.

Each player will start the game with 16 chess pieces (one king, one queen, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, and eight pawns) and will make his move after the other player has completed his move. To win this game, you have to checkmate your competitor.

Move your chessman in ways that make your rival’s king immobile or removed. When it comes to your turn, you can move your chess in 2 ways:

● Position a chessman to an empty square.

● Position a chessman to a square occupied by a competitor’s chess, then capture and remove it from the board. You can play against a BOT by choosing a room, find an unoccupied table, then click the “Play” button’. The “”Preferences”” feature at the bottom of the menu gives you three choices:

● Spotlight your Last Move

● Display Recommended Moves

● Show Animations You can also find information in your Move History, Files and Ranks.

The game ends when one player wins (or loses) or both of you draw. You will win when you capture your rival’s king or when he gives up. You can read this Complete Game Guide to learn more!


Tips and tricks

You can get bonus time to make a move in one turn, which ranges from 1 to 10 seconds depending on your game settings. To checkmate your rival then capture his king, you should have versatile tactics for each turn. Use any chess piece to keep your king safe at all costs but try not to lose the most powerful piece – the queen.

Final words With many new gameplays and can be played anywhere and anytime, Pogo Chess Game is even more attractive than the traditional Chess Game. Whether you are a Chess fan or just learning how to play, this game is definitely for you! ”

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