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Pogo Monopoly: The World Edition

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Pogo Monopoly: The World Edition

Play Pogo Monopoly: The World Edition.

The King of board games has finally returned. Being a world-wide favorite, Monopoly is one of the most popular board games ever created.

Basing on the idea of capitalism in the United States, this game has expanded internationally. Whether in a game store, toy shop, or bookstore, you’ll surely find Monopoly anywhere.
Now available in digital form, the game’s popularity continues to rise. As a family-friendly game, you can take it to another level and play Monopoly: The World Edition Game. Compete against other passionate players and drive them into bankruptcy!

Monopoly: The World Edition Overview

In Monopoly: The World Edition, you get to travel around the world and visit exotic cities. When persuaded that it’s worthy of your money, you can start investing in landmarks and build properties.

Monopoly: The World Edition

Your goal is to earn the most money and put other players in a state of bankruptcy to win the game!
Despite being an exciting game, many additional risk factors make the game extra challenging. Allowing you to build an empire by making deals and money, get ready to be entertained for hours.

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How to Play

To start, click ROLL to initiate the game. The total number on the dice determines how far you will travel across the board.

If you roll a double, you will get roll another one after you go. However, if you roll double three times in a row, you will get sent to jail.

If you land on a property, you have the option to buy it or leave it. If you decide not to purchase a property, other players can take the chance to claim it.

When landing on someone else’s property, you will have to pay a certain fee. Also, you’re bound to land in public places at one point. These spaces might ask you to pay income taxes, send you forward or backward, or even take you to jail.

There are community and chance spaces around the board. When landing on it, you get to pick from two pile of cards. It will either help you get wealthier or take your money away.

Tips and Tricks

When playing Pogo Monopoly: The World Edition Game, capitalizing the world is a hard task to do. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks to help ease the difficulty.

● Buy the same colored properties to guarantee more money to collect and bonuses. When other players land your properties, they have to pay you a fee.
● Remember that less is more. Always make wise decisions when deciding to invest in a large number of hotels or building multiple small houses.
● You can sell or mortgage your properties to earn quick money.
● If you’re edging a state of bankruptcy, staying in jail can benefit you as it prevents you from paying rent.

Monopoly: The World Edition Conclusion

Monopoly, The World Edition, is an interesting take on the traditional version. You still get to enjoy the same old gameplay, while traveling to more exciting locations around the world.
As a refined and improved version of the classic board game, you can have the best experience when playing Pogo Monopoly: The World Edition game at Pogo

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