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The Pogo Pegge slots game is in the series of free Pogo lucky games. The gameplay is simple just like any other lottery games, but with its unique features and new game modes, Pegge Slots will bring about a totally new experience and endless fun!

Overview New features:

Open all Peggle Masters to get magic power and win big rewards! Spin to get at least three same icons. Get at least 3 Extreme Fever symbols on the roll to open new games modes. Achieve Objectives in the Peggle Institute to get access to Peggle Masters.

Every Peggle Master will grant you access to a bonus game mode option.

How To Play

Scale up or down the number of coins you want to bet. Click “Spin” to begin. Use the “AutoPlay” feature to Spin as many times as you want consecutively.

How the Coin System Works Use the number of coins displayed in your Coin Bucket to bet. You can buy more coins in the store. You can get free coins renewal every 4 hours. Tips and tricks Try to wager in a way that can increase your RTP (Money Return to Player).



If you set the game to 1 instead of 10 win lines, you can achieve higher volatility! After a big jackpot, it is likely that you will hardly win again until a long time later. Therefore, do not rush to bet much after you have won a huge jackpot Vice versa, if you have not won after a number of spinning times, try to wager more as you may have a high chance of winning in several next spinning times.

By clicking the Info button in the bottom line, you can know more about the Peggle Masters or explore the Peggle Institute goals. At the same time, you can find out a lot of ways to win the game. Wild symbols can replace any icon apart from the Extreme Fever badge.

Get 3 Extreme Fever icons or more to get access to new game modes. Choose available Peggle Masters to play different game modes. Choose the Peggle Master symbols on the top bar to explore the Peggle Institute objectives. Achieve those targets to open bonus Peggle Masters.

The more Peggle Masters you’ve got, the more additional game modes you have to select. After opening a Peggle Master, you can collect more information of the new game modes the game has granted you access. Try this by clicking their images in the Peggle Hall in the Info option. If you can get a collection of all 10 Peggle Masters to receive great rewards! Final thoughts As a fan of the lottery game, you can not ignore Pegge Slots. With a beautiful interface and new gameplay, the Pogo Pegge slot game will definitely entice any fastidious player. Try your luck now!

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