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Play Pogo TRIVIAL PURSUIT Daily 20

The Pogo TRIVIAL PURSUIT Daily 20 Game is one of the best quiz games on the Internet at present. Developed by Pogo Gaming, it has attracted thousands of players all over the world. The game rule is simple. You just need to answer online Trivial Pursuit questions accurately to score and get rewards everyday.

Overview TRIVIAL PURSUIT Daily 20

The game provides a lot of fun quizzes to relax and improve your knowledge. It has a variety of trivia questions which are suitable for anyone.

You don’t need to be a professor to enjoy the Pogo Trivial Pursuit Daily 20 Game! This game is totally free to play. There will be renewal on 20 questions every day, which keeps the game always fresh and interesting!

There is an official Trivial Pursuit list which covers the top 13 common Trivial Pursuit categories from the original board game to provide you exciting questions.

How to play TRIVIAL PURSUIT Daily 20


In Trivial Pursuit Daily 20, you will love to answer correctly as many questions as possible in the shortest time. There are twenty puzzles in every episode, and there is only one answer for one question.

Choose an episode then answer all of the questions when they show up. You just need to choose one from given answers. Try to be as fast as possible because an answer will disappear every 5 seconds, and that question’s point will also decrease.

When time runs out, or you answer wrong, the next question window will appear. The more correct and fast answer you give, the more point you will gain. When you score enough to get the Wedge, there will be congratulations on you!

Unlike the traditional version, this Pogo trivial pursuit daily 20 game only provides a single-player mode. Moreover, instead of moving chess around the game board, you will move your wedge down toward the waiting cake and have a jackpot spin. If you can earn all 7 wedges in one week, you can get big rewards and rank up in the Club of Pogo players. You can begin the game in 3 modes: Daily Episode, Calendar or Random Game. A daily episode or random games bring you to the start of an episode while the calendar mode allows you to play on matches of the days where you did not obtain the wedge. Notice that you cannot pause the game while playing. You can explore this Complete Game Guide to learn more.

Tips and tricks

You can play an episode again and again until you get the wedge. However, you can not play again any game that you have totally won. Episodes can be repeated as many times as necessary to earn the wedge. The token reward on the first play is bigger than the next times. You can see this in the token multiplier number. There are “”Double Up”” quizzes which give you scores twice as a standard question. Winning an episode on its premiere day and you can get 1500 tokens. Final Thoughts As you can see, the Trivia Pursuit daily 20 of the Pogo Gaming is a new and more exciting puzzle game in comparison with the original version. Let’s improve your knowledge while entertaining yourself in this game here. ”

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