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Still taking materials from 52 cards that are familiar to many players in the world, Pogo Games brings fresh and tactical features into ACE UP! HD Pogo.

There the player encounters a world, a colorful sky. The combination of cards and cards is different but will make you unable to take your eyes off the game.


Aces Up! HD is built around the journey of ‘rescuing’ four Aces cards in which you play the role of commander of the fleet.

You still see there is the appearance of all cards but they are just the background and will eventually be removed to bring Ace cards to the top of the columns that appear in the game.

This is a very new point where your fleet and your mind and mind will greatly help you to overcome all games.


How to play

When entering the game, the main interface of the game will consist of 4 columns which may or may not appear Aces cards. The goal of the game is to bring these Aces to the top of all columns and eliminate all other cards.

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In general, the activities in the game are built quite simply:

● You can REMOVE the cards with the appearance of a higher suit card of a higher value. Note that the cards you want to remove must be at the bottom, not blocked by any cards. For example, in column 1, the nine of diamonds card appears, in column 2 there are cards of three of diamonds, you can remove the card of three of the diamond.

● When you have cleared all cards or want more cards you can use the DRAW CARD button to get 4 more cards.

● When a column has been deleted, you can move a card from another column to fill it. One thing you should note is that when you get an Aces card from DRAW CARD, you can use the plane to bring it to the bottom of any column.

● A special thing is when you transfer any Aces card to any column, you will get an airplane. This is Flying Aces. Flying Aces are necessary when you want to remove any card but not in the usual way.
● You will gain the victory if you remove all other cards and get four Aces cards on top of the columns. Besides, unused Flying Aces will be included in your fleet.

● You will lose the candle to use all your moves but still cannot get all the Aces to the top of the column. If you realize that the game cannot be further developed, you can stop and set up a new game. All arrangements are also available but the cards that appear will disappear but the aircraft that joins your fleet will remain the same.

● Many landmarks are set about the number of aircraft in your fleet. It is the number of planes that will help you accelerate your promotion. And of course, moldy fishes like 10, 20, 30 or 40 you will receive special badges as well as special gifts.

Aces card from DRAW CARD

Aces card from DRAW CARD

Tip and Tricks

Aces Up! HD is a game involving cards that enhance entertainment. However, we still see very clearly in each game, the calculations are not small. and to help you more conveniently conquer all games with some tips and tricks that you need to keep in mind:

● First, when in the game interface there are empty columns, you should choose carefully those items to be able to fill in those columns. Sometimes, only a move with a calculation can help you eliminate many more cards.

● Next, you need to focus on timing: when to get more articles, when to use the Flying Aces …

● Adding a very nice function developed by Pogo Games is the UNDO button. You can use it when you have a defect move and the number of undoing times is unlimited.

● You should also pay attention to the flags that appear at the end of the columns. It is the identification of the suits for each column that makes it easy to translate cards.

● And finally, you should pay attention to the use of Flying Aces. Using a variety of logic helps you save Flying Aces so you can increase your score for yourself.


There is nothing better than having a private fleet to conquer games. Come and experience interesting things in Aces Up! HD.

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