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Pogo Bowl – Strike, hit, and peak your mood

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Pogo Bowl – Strike, hit, and peak your mood

Play Pogo Bowl Game

Considered as one of the most popular sports and arcade game for all ages, Pogo has taken the game digitally, creating an exciting and entertaining interactive version that includes real-life features such as curving the ball, splits and realistic physics measurements.

Pogo Bowl Game is the perfect game for anyone who wants to hit the lanes. Offering a variety of graphics, sounds, and options, it’ll feel just like the bowling alley!


With a competitive setting that allows you to play face-to-face against real-life opponents around the world, you can move up to leader board as you gain points.

The board automatically updates itself, giving you an accurate version of the scores of the current player.

Pogo Bowl – Strike, hit, and peak your mood

Including exclusive titles such as Strike it Rich and Mining for Gold, you get bonus points for earning them. It can be achieved by being the only player to get a strike or by knocking down the extra gold or silver pin.

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How to Play

Before rolling the ball, you need to decide the best position by moving your mouse left or right. Once finding your ideal place, confirm the location by clicking on the mouse again.

To throw the ball, hold the mouse down, and a pointer should appear. The purpose of the arrow is to let you view where the ball is going. If you’re satisfied with the position of your shot, this is when the hard part comes in.

The faster you move and release your mouse, the harder your ball will be thrown. If you pause in between, the pointer will slow down, changing from red to yellow, which means your ball will roll slower.
Each game consists of a total of 9 frames. You are allowed two bowls per frame to knock down as many pins as you can.

The scores are easy to calculate. In a case where you knock down all the pins in the first trial, it’s a Strike that worths 10 points. If you manage to knock down all the pins during the second bowl, it’s called a Spare.

Your objective is to knock down as many pins as you can to beat your opponents. The person with the highest total at the end of 9 frames is titled the winner.

Tips and Tricks

Check out some additional pointers that you can follow to become an ultimate Pogo Bowl master.
● Try to release the ball quickly to create a strong bowl, indicated with the color red. It will help generate more force to knock down more pins.

● Once every game, you get to knock down a special pin, either silver or gold. Though silver pins are more common, they both give you bonus tokens.

● You should always try to get a strike or spare when playing. It’ll give you an additional boost in scores.


Including a large selection of bowling balls and backdrops, Pogo Bowl is a customizable and flexible option for anyone who wants to experience a realistic bowling game.
To become a pro-level bowler, you need to practice continually. Why not start by practicing on Pogo Bowl Game?

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