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Pogo Jet Set Solitaire

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Pogo Jet Set Solitaire

Play Pogo Jet Set Solitaire.

Cards game with cards is highly entertaining games, requiring players to think highly and feel excited when cards are used for its intended purpose. Pogo Jet Set Solitaire is such a game.

With improved gameplay in modern style, players will be able to travel from one place to another via each card game so they will not be bored as classic card games. The classics are always opened through the cards. Let’s give a try.


There are mysterious jewels and many powers that need to be freed by you, there are stars that need to be collected by you and unlock the levels of challenge.

Try to cancel the cards and complete all the levels by achieving all the game objectives. To unlock the ultimate challenge, you must earn enough stars. Try to overcome the challenge, open more levels for your adventure to continue.

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How to play

Pogo Jet Set Solitaire Game

To eliminate all the cards in the level, select the undiscovered cards that are higher or lower than your Tour card. Your new Tour card will be opened when you delete a card from the level.

Try to create streaks by removing many consecutive cards so you can get higher scores. In addition to eliminating all cards, there are many different goals in each level. Remember not to miss the goal.

Tip and tricks


The Undo allows you to move back if you make a mistake. It is especially important when you miss a clear match.
The First Class allows you to change the Tour card with any other card. That is the First-Class mission.
The Jet Wash causes all undiscovered cards to be blown away.
The X-Ray allows you to flip cards down and draw course diagrams when you know all the cards at the level.


The Assistance Booster allows all cards at the higher or lower level of the Tour card to be displayed.
The Tailwind Booster makes streaks more effective.
The Upgrade Booster is an interesting feature that makes it easy to maintain a trail. You will have up to three strings instead of a string. It will end at the end of the 3rd string.


Turbulence Cards will increasingly come to a certain limit. Remember to remove them when the counter returns to 0.
Passports before resetting and revealing any cards stuck below must be filled in with Stamp Cards.
Seat Belts require multiple Tour cards to remove the cards, so it becomes more difficult. Take the card it is covering on another pass after you remove the seat belt.


Please play to experience the exciting and new playstyle of this modern version. With a beautiful interface, Pogo Jet Set Solitaire promises to not disappoint the most demanding players. Good luck.

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