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Pogo Daily Sudoku

Pogo Daily Soduku

Following Soduku’s many years of success, the publisher Pogo Games added Pogo Daily Soduku to its many fresh features.

The player still sees the squares along with the 9 familiar numbers but will then slowly be overwhelmed by the strange new world that Pogo Games created.

So, what are you waiting for and don’t come and discover? Pogo Daily Soduku is waiting for you!


As its name suggests, Pogo Daily Soduku is built according to the original Soduku game.

But the difference here is to create the ‘Daily’ feature of the game, which means that you will participate in the game of Soduku every day.

You will receive 3 new Pogo Daily Sudoku puzzles with 3 Different levels range from Easy, Medium to Hard.

Pogo Daily Soduku

Do you mean I have the confidence to go all three levels alone? If there is a bit of anxiety, don’t worry too much for a long time because Pogo Games have added a lot of extra features.

Besides, Pogo Daily Soduku has also built a lot of themes so you don’t get bored.

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How to play Pogo Daily Sudoku

Built from the original Soduku game, Pogo Daily Soduku’s goal remains the same regardless of the game mode. You still have to solve a ‘number board’ 9×9 (9 columns, 9 rows).

This number table is divided into small 3×3 areas (3 columns, 3 rows) that contain 1 set of numbers from 1 to 9. However, these numbers do not appear fully and your task is to fill out enough numbers are missing in the blank. No number is repeated in 3×3 or any column, any row.


Pogo Daily Soduku attraction is that it consists of 3 modes: Easy Medium and Hard. Each mode is a different challenge for players.

According to the structure of the game, you can only solve Soduku puzzles by day. That is when you solve today’s puzzles, the past, and future quizzes will be locked. However, there is an interesting point that you can unlock to solve the puzzles you missed or solve future puzzles by using the keys you earned.

There are two ways to fill in the numbers: Cell First or Number First. With Cell First, select the cell to fill out and then enter the number. With Number First, select the number to fill and then return to the cell to enter the number.

Comes with its two types of ‘pens’ to fill: Pen Mode and Pencil Mode. Pencil Mode is used when you are not sure about your answer or want to lose points. Fill out a number to the cell of your choice and when making sure to switch to Pen Mode to fill in the final answer. Note: if you make a mistake you will be penalized.

You are limited in the number of lives, which means you can participate in Soduku puzzles at certain times. You have to pay attention to this if you don’t want your fun to be interrupted.

Tip and Tricks

As mentioned, Pogo Daily Soduku is equipped with excellent auxiliary buttons. To be able to pass the Soduku puzzles, you should use them appropriately:

● Use the MAGIC LAMP button to fill in a blank cell in any 3×3 area
● Use the MAGIC EYE button to highlight selected numbers on the board within 3 minutes.
● Use the HINT button to solve any cell.
● Use TIME FREEZE button to stop time in the 30s and know where you will win or give yourself some unexpected bonuses

Besides, you can change the theme (shown through the background of the puzzle) to make the game not boring.

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