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Pogo Dominoes

Play Pogo Dominoes.

Introducing you to Pogo Dominoes Game, a classic board game that tests your logic and luck.

A game dearly loved and cherished all around the world, and if you’re someone who likes to win, you can practice this fun domino game and improve your strategic skills.

As a unique and engaging game for all ages, the colorful display assures to liven up your experience. Experience the excitement of playing the most popular board game and enjoy the competitive nature.


As an easy to play puzzle game, Dominoes requires fast movements to match pieces with the same amount of dots. Your goal is to clear the board by blocking your opponent’s moves.

Allowing you the flexibility to customize a game that best suits your preferences, you can adjust the length of your board game. When playing a short game, the standard winning point is 100.

However, if you want to take on a longer game, you can change the options. In terms of tokens, they’re equivalent to the number of points you earn after completing a game. Despite winning or losing, you still earn tokens for completing the game.

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How to play

The game begins by getting dealt seven pieces of dominos, also known as bones. If you have the highest double, you get to play that bone first.
Your goal is to match tiles from both ends of your board, aiming to make multiples of five to earn additional points.

Pogo Dominoes

Though it’s difficult at first, you’ll slowly get the hang of it. Under the circumstance where you cannot make a match, you have to draw from the bone pile, which is the undealt pile of dominos.

When wanting to play a bone, drag the pair onto the playing area. As a way to make your game experience easier, unusable tiles turn into a darker color. Once you’ve made a match, release the mouse on your desired location to make a move.

Tips and tricks

As a complex game with many specific rules, the more you play, the more you’ll get the basic idea. Here are some useful tips to give you the upper hand over your opponent.

Make multiples of 5

To earn points that later convert into tokens, aim to add your pieces together following any multiple of 5, for example, 5, 10, 15, etc. The more dominoes you match, the more points you get.

Study your opponent

Keeping track of your opponent’s matches and draws can benefit you as you’re often able to guess what tiles they are holding.

The bone pile

Since you don’t know what domino pieces they have, it’s good to pay attention to which tiles they draw from the bone pile. It will give you an advantage as you can block your opponents by playing tiles that they don’t have.


As a fun multiplayer game created by Pogo, you can develop your logical thinking and memory skills. Featuring a customizable setting and token rewards, challenge yourself by playing Pogo Dominoes Game.

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