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Payday FreeCell Pogo


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Payday FreeCell Pogo

Play Pogo Payday FreeCell.

If you need a game for your day off, nothing is better than a solitaire card game. Pogo’s Payday FreeCell brings in a classic-style organizing card game that has been attractive through decades.

Are you new to the game? And are you looking to entertain yourself in the break time without bearing too many strategies and installation? Get to know and play Pogo Payday FreeCell Game now.

Overview Payday FreeCell


Payday FreeCell Pogo

On a flat interface, you will look at a series of revealed cards. There are stacks at the top right of the screen where you will build up your final goal.

Payday FreeCell has redesigned the appearance of the cards and made them look more amusing than the original version you usually see.

The goal of this game is to rearrange cards from the given cells to their

foundations by suite. You must organize them in order from Ace to King to

But it’s not all about Payday FreeCell. The game comes with bonus cards to encourage players and give more fun.

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How to play Payday FreeCell

Pogo Payday FreeCell

If you’ve played solitaire on Windows, you will get familiar with this Payday FreeCell from Pogo in a minute.

Your object is to move all the cards of their suite to the foundations. In the beginning, you are given a full deck of tumble cards. You will move the card to re-organize them by placing one black on a red and continue the cells in such an order.

The point is to get rid of the blocking cards to move relevant cards to the foundation stacks.

Each stack begins with the Ace and then ascends. The correct sequence will end with the Kings.

For every card you place in the foundation stacks, you will receive a token.

There are four slots for you to place blocking cards strategically to clear the path to the necessary cards. You can use the put-away cards when there is a place for them on the cells and make room for other cards.

Tips and Tricks

Payday FreeCell is not any science game, but you need tactics to play, or you will walk to the dead-end where there is no more legal move on the table.

To avoid that point of no return, here are some tips for you to tackle the game:

● If you get an Ace near the bottom, move them all to the top first

● Don’t build stacks of low-numbered cards

● When placing cards into the free slots, pick ones that can go back to the table after one or two moves. You will need the slots for other blocking cards

● You can only undo one move. Plan ahead a few more moves

● Don’t expect the hint because it only gives you possible moves, no strategic moves

It’s not all about moving red to black cards in this game. There will be times you
will have to restart if you make unwise moves. Enjoy Payday FreeCell Pogo and practice to be the top ones on board.

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