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Pogo Solitaire Gardens

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Pogo Solitaire Gardens

Play Pogo Solitaire Garden HD.

After an exhausting day of work, it’s best to take some time to relax. There’s no better way than playing a game of Solitaire.

A refreshing and addictive game, I introduce to you Pogo Solitaire Gardens Game, featuring an exciting twist on the classic single-player card game.

With a stylish approach to solitaire that is accompanied by aesthetic art pieces, Solitaire Gardens is an excellent game to sit back and enjoy.


Solitaire Gardens is an adaptation of the classic card game however with a few thrilling additions. What makes Solitaire Gardens unique is the addition of a customizable garden.

Aside from having a relaxing time playing cards at various places, from an English Garden to a Japanese Garden, you’re able to build your own garden.

To decorate your garden, you can collect seeds and garden items after completing the required number of levels.

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How to play Pogo Solitaire Gardens

Pogo solitaire garden

The original solitaire game’s objective is to stack cards in order from the highest to the lowest number and letter, K to 2, in four different groups.

In Solitaire Gardens, you can stack cards that are either lower or higher than the one on the deck.
In addition to the rule variation, Solitaire Gardens also features a level system. Your task is to complete each level and progress to a new one that requires many creative approaches.

Though it may sound easy, the hard part is completing a level with all three stars. It is critical as the higher your points, the more garden items and seeds you get.

To buy flowers and decorations for your garden, click on Garden Supplies at the left corner at the level selection. Here, you will able to buy flowers, trees, ornaments, and even statues for your garden!

To make the game more interesting, Solitaire Gardens implements a streak system that when achieved, you get bonus points added to your overall score!

Pogo Solitaire Gardens Tips and Tricks

● Use the prune to remove any cards in the playing field
● Draw a wild card to your deck to pick up any card in the playing field
● Match as many cards as possible without drawing a card to keep your flower power-up
● The number of stars you earn is calculated based on how many remaining cards are in the draw deck. Utilize special cards to avoid drawing too many cards if your goal is to collect as many stars as possible.
● Some items in the garden shop are rarer than the others. Some can only be unlocked by a Garden Wheel. Rare and unique items contribute higher happiness points to your garden.


Do not miss out on this relaxing twist to the classic solitaire game with Pogo Solitaire Gardens Game!

With a new way to play and a chance to build your own garden, Solitaire Gardens is the perfect game for fans of this unique classic card game.

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