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Pogo Trizzle puzzles to test your brain in a fun way


Pogo Games

Pogo Trizzle puzzles to test your brain in a fun way

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Ever since puzzle games have become increasingly popular over the years as an addictive genre, many developers have released their version of quality puzzle games.

If you’re someone who likes to get their brain teased, chances are you will like Pogo Trizzle Game too.

It’s a matching game developed by Pogo, made for all puzzle fans looking for an excellent way to pass the time.

Trizzle has an array of bright animations and a catchy cheerful tune surrounding the theme of charming Russian dolls. As a well-executed game that you’ll genuinely enjoy, take on a brand-new adventure with this fast-paced game.

Overview Pogo Trizzle puzzles

This game requires a set of skills, including strategic thinking and intense concentration, keeping your brain juices flowing while you match fun-sized dolls. Varying in different colors such as green, blue, and pink, the dolls also come in three sizes.

Pogo Trizzle

Your goal is to align them by color and size to connect them into groups of above three. To spice things up, Trizzle has a twist of enabling the doll sizes to grow when matched. For example, when small dolls are combined, they’ll become medium-sized. The more matches you make, the more levels you will unlock.

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How to play Pogo Trizzle puzzles

If you’ve never played Trizzle, the instructions for this game is relatively straightforward. You get a board of dolls in random orders. Your job is to slide and stack the dolls vertically or horizontally to make matches.
Note that you can only group them if they’re the same size and color. To make the game harder, you have a limited amount of moves to complete the challenge.
Once your moves count run out, you have to start again. If you complete your level with spare movements, they get converted into points or boosts.

Tips and tricks

Don’t let the endearing graphics fool you. With each level getting progressively tougher, here are some tips and tricks to aid your playing experience.

Mega Matches

When wanting a high score, you should always aim to make Mega Matches, meaning to match a large group of together. To successfully do this, you must stay in the middle of the grid to give yourself more space for connecting neighboring dolls.

Use boosts

Throughout the game, you can earn boosts to make your game last longer and get higher scores.
If you want to collect the more difficult trophies, using boosts will help you obtain those. There are many types of features, including changing colors, removing a doll, or increasing in size.

Fill in your trophy shelf

Along with added satisfaction of matching colorful dolls, you can earn trophies by finishing missions. Though some awards are harder to collect than others, you can slowly earn them by completing more levels.


Playing Trizzle can help you build the necessary skills and improve your creativity.

As a fun and simple concept, the game also tests your brain with plenty of challenges. Aspire to become a Mega Matchmaker and complete your trophic shelf by playing Pogo Trizzle Game.

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