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Pogo Word Whomp HD

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Pogo Word Whomp HD

Play Pogo Word Whomp HD.

Are you confident in your set of vocabularies and think you can beat any anagram games?
Why not test your skills by playing the latest word-scramble game, Pogo Word Whomp Game HD, an irresistible spelling game for children and adults. Your challenge is to create as many words as possible with only six letters!

With a countdown timer to take into account, this game is harder than you think. Played in a user-friendly environment, you can strengthen your word skills while admiring the fun graphics.

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Word Whomp HD Gameplay

Pogo Word Whomp HD

Word Whomp HD is a single-player game that has a simple yet fascinating concept that makes spelling much more fun than it is.

Somewhere out there is a garden full of delicious carrots that Nestor is waiting to eat. As a hungry rabbit, he can’t wait to fill his stomach with these tasty carrots.

However, to reach these carrots, Nestor needs to arrange six letters into as many words as possible. Help poor Nestor spell words and get to the carrots before time runs out!

How to Play Word Whomp HD

In Word Whomp HD. Your job is to help Nestor spell the words by clicking the assigned letters to form a word.

Despite being only six letters, there are countless ways to arrange them. As soon as you have made a word, click Enter to insert the word.

If you get a valid word, Nestor will chomp the carrot from the lines at the bottom of the screen. Words that you’ve already found will not be counted, as well as invalid words.

The quicker you could spell a word, the higher the point you will get for that word. Aside from that, there are also checkmarks from the carrot line that grants you bonus points. Help Nestor eats the very last carrot to get a huge bonus point.

If you feel confident, you can increase the skill level on the top of the screen. The higher the

skill level, the more points you will get for each word spell. It will be harder to spell with the provided letters, but that means more score for each one you could make out.
Lastly, always keep an eye on the clock. Spell 12 different words as quickly as possible before time runs out to help Nestor clear the carrot garden!

Tips and Tricks

If you’re stuck, you can always mix up the letter order. By looking in another order, you get to view the different combinations of the world.

If the word ends with “s,” don’t forget to spell its singular form!

Higher skills demand greater challenge. However, sometimes, it will not hurt to decrease the difficulty level if you always find yourself not being able to find all the words on time.


No matter how advanced you think your vocabulary is, there’s always room for improvement. If you’re someone who likes taking on challenges and winning online games, play Pogo Word Whomp Game HD at Pogo Spades.

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