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Poppit! Sprint Pogo

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Poppit! Sprint Pogo


Play Poppit! Sprint Pogo

Poppit! Sprint Pogo is a fun mini-game that is launched to the Pogo website. Your mission when playing this game is trying to look for and pop large groups of balloons of the same color.

You can pop a group of balloons with at least 2 balloons. The more balloon in a group, the more extra points that you can get while popping them. There are coin balloons in the Poppit! Sprint Pogo game that gives you coins to buy power-up items or to unlock the content.

This game requires you to play every day to earn extra points and coins. The power-up you can purchase will give you bigger pops or chain reactions and boost your scores. Pogo Club members will have some benefits to save your high scores and increase daily reward.


Poppit! Sprint Pogo

Poppit! Sprint Pogo

To play Poppit! Sprint Pogo well, you should look for a larger group of balloons to make more points. The popped balloons will disappear and the other balloons will fall down vertically. Plan forward to make the fallen balloons form a group with the other balloons below.

There are some special balloons that when you pop them, there will be a special effect:

  • Coin balloon: give you coins for purchase power-up.
  • Vertical balloon: pop all balloons in a column
  • Horizontal balloon: pop all balloons in a row.
  • Two directions balloon: pop all balloons in the column and row where it locates.
  • Bomb balloon: explode and pop all balloons of the same color on the field
  • Magnet balloon: create a large group of balloons when popped.

Tips and tricks Poppit! Sprint Pogo

  • Always prioritize larger group of balloons
  • Save up special balloon and make them pop at the same time for a combo extra
  • Gold coin will appear when you pop a group of at least 10 balloons.
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