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SCRABBLE Sprint Pogo

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SCRABBLE Sprint Pogo


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SCRABBLE Sprint Pogo is a letter combining games, which is limited to be played by players in the US, Canada, and some other regions only. It is a fun game that is suitable for all ages.


Only the nations which has the license from Hasbro or other company that work with EA or Pogo. So if you can’t play this game, you can change your IP address to the supported nations.

The User Interface of SCRABBLE Sprint Pogo is easy to get used to. There is a bar that has many empty tiles on it, in which you can place letters in. Use the letters from the bar below to make a world.

You can also find a count-down clock, which indicates the time left for you to take the guess. You can either type in or click on the letter to place it on the guess bar.

SCRABBLE Sprint Pogo

SCRABBLE Sprint Pogo

Gameplay SCRABBLE Sprint Pogo

The guess bar in SCRABBLE Sprint Pogo has 2 tiles that have different colors when filling those tiles, you will get a boost on playing. The red tile is the double word score tile, while the blue tile will be the double letter score tile.

As there is no specific answer, you can make different words using different combinations with the words given in the game. There are some functions that you can use during playing the game:

  • Exchange: you can always change the words when you can’t guess them. You can choose how many letters are there in the new word.
  • New game: restart the game if you think that the game is not going well
  • Mix up/ recall: shuffle the letter on the bar to give you a new visual look of the word.

The number of the word points you have earned will be shown in the lower-left area.

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