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Sherlock Holmes Pogo

Sherlock Holmes

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Sherlock Holmes Pogo is one of the best-hidden object game, which is built with sound and sight features to give you hints to find different objects. Find all objects and you will win a scene.

Put your headphones on, as Sherlock Holmes Pogo also requires you to listen to the audio in addition to pictures. This feature makes it unique amongst the hidden objects game on the Pogo site.

As featuring the Sherlock Holmes theme, you will be taken to the 19th-century areas. There are also some different modes in this game. All of them have their own hints pack, which helps players play much easier.

Gameplay Sherlock Holmes Pogo


Sherlock Holmes Pogo

Sherlock Holmes Pogo

Sherlock Holmes Pogo also gives you a story of Sherlock Holmes, which you will discover during the game. The game is divided into many episodes, each episode will take you to a case that he is investigating.

Each episode contains many levels, each level will have 12 items for you to look for. There is a list on the left-hand side of the screen that shows the name of all items. Simply click on the item to find them.

There are many power-up items that you can use for helping you on playing Sherlock Holmes Pogo. They include:

  • Show me: show the location of a random object
  • Reveal it: show the location of an object that you choose
  • Freeze time: stop the clock to give you more time.

There is also another mode of playing called Spot the difference, in which you will need to find the differences between the scenes instead of finding objects in a single scene.

Tips and tricks:

  • Find items as quick as you can to earn more points and will set the record. You can always play a level many times to get the highest points.
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