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Zuma’s Revenge Pogo

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Zuma’s Revenge Pogo

Zuma’s Revenge is an interesting Pogo game, in which you will have to control a frog that shoots colorful balls to the stream of spheres to destroy them. It is inspired by an arcade game.

Play Zuma’s Revenge Pogo

Zuma’s Revenge is a simple game, all you need to do is shoot balls to the streams of balls with the same color to make it explode. The long stream of the same color balls destroyed, the more point that you will get.

There are 2 types of scenes in this game, which is stream destroy and boss battle. In the stream destroy scene, the frog will stay in place and only able to rotate around for shooting streams that move around in a circle. In the boss battle scene, your frogs will move horizontally automatically, and your mission is to shoot the boss after shooting streams of balls.

There are up to 5 kinds of power-ups that can be used for playing Zuma’s Revenge easier.


The stream of balls will run continuously at low speed, you will need to shoot the ball a short moment before it moves to the location. You will feel it as long as you start playing Zuma’s Revenge.

Your aim in playing the game is to defeating the tiki bossed, which rule the land. The two types of scenes of the game will be switched automatically and they are quite similar in the gameplay with the other.

Zuma's Revenge Pogo

Zuma’s Revenge Pogo

There are 4 modes in Zuma’s Revenge:

  • Classic mode: 50 levels
  • Challenge Mode
  • Heroic Frog mode
  • Iron frog mode

Tips and tricks:

  • Slowdown power-up: slow down the speed of moving balls, which helps you shoot them easier
  • Bomb Power-up: causing a huge blast which will destroy all balls in its radius
  • Rewind power-up: cause all balls to move backward for a moment
  • And more useful power-up in the game.
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