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Club Pogo – Play Pogo For Free With Club Pogo

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Club Pogo – Play Pogo For Free With Club Pogo is a social network site of gaming, you can understand it easily as a Facebook of the gaming world. You are able to perform various actions on the website such as adding friends, post your status, upload the picture on your blogs, play games together and you can even exchange tokens that you won from the game.

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There is also a “club” Pogo that when you join, you will pay a membership fee while receiving many benefits. The benefits include ad-free when playing games, you will be able to play exclusive premium games and it comes with more than a thousand gaming challenges. You will also get extra tokens in-game every time you subscribe to the club annually. Full-screen mode is also opened for some card games.

Club Pogo

Pogo was first developed and published in 1995 when there were limited websites that can supply the player with quality entertainment content. Online games were not invented back then, so the main focus of the website was about comics and music, the two most popular forms of entertaining at that time.

There are also some games on the website, but they are quite simple and there was no user interaction. Then there is a major strategic change that turns the entire website focus only on gaming only, and the concept of Pogo was kept until now. Club Pogo premium member subscription was later created in 2003 that give Pogo another option, not to focus too much on earning money from advertisings.

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Club Pogo Membership Generator – Free Trial No credit Card

Club Pogo Membership

Club Pogo also offers a free trial membership that lasts for 1 week, after that, you will be asked to pay for Club Pogo Membership. The reason why most players who love Pogo will pay for Club Pogo subscription fee is that the ads. Some of the advertisements showed previous to the game start will last for up to 20 minutes.

Pogo game

The subscription fee is not too high, however, which is only less than 25 cents per day. Besides tokens in-game, the US and Canadian Pogo users can also use their cash to pay for gambling through credit cards. Since most of the game in Pogo are card and board games, their players are usually the older people who love simple and not an action or combat game.

Club Pogo will provide most of the games for free to play online, however, there is also an option to download these games to play offline without the need for the internet. Online gameplay, on the other hand, will give players more option that is more fun than playing alone.

There is an avatar character that represents yourself, called Mini. You can customize him or her by changing their skin tone, hair color, and if you have enough token or gems, you can purchase clothes for them to wear.

With Club Pogo Membership subscription, you can also combat in tournaments to play against other players to win valuable prizes. The prizes can include gems, tokens, and badges. Badges are various depends on whether you are a member or not. Accomplish the mission they acquired you in order to earn a badge.
Pogo Token

The more badges you have, the better your profile will look like, and you may also earn various items to be worn by your avatar, which come along with the badges received. Website sorts games in the genre, which is easier for players to choose the right games for themselves. Visit the website now to try out the interesting game on this site.

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