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Pogo Bowl

Play Pogo Bowl HD.

Get ready to dominate the lanes and face off real players around the world in the Pogo Bowl game.
An exciting and addictive game that allows you to take on the role of a professional bowling player. Defeat other players in real-time and climb up the championship ladder to become the bowling champion.
Featuring retro music and stylish design, Pogo Bowl includes the realistic aspect of bowling. When playing this game, you’ll feel like you traveled back to the golden age of bowling.

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Pogo Bowl Features

Pogo Bowl game contains the crucial features to facilitate the experience of the players as well as extra components that make the gameplay better overall.
Pogo Bowl features a beautifully hand-drawn background of a bowling alley. Every little detail from the ball rack to the painting on the wall is present.
The lane is shone with lights and reflects realistically. In addition to that, This game of Pogo also has a close-up camera that follows the ball when it strikes at the pins, follows by an animation that tells the player what they have scored.

With real game physics, the sight of knocking down all ten pins with one turn and scoring a strike is something to behold.
Aside from that Pogo Bowl also features a live leaderboard for the current match. It shows who is taking the lead and who needs to do a little bit of catch up.
Also, you are provided with a chat window to talk with players from around the world – challenge someone to a match, tease your opponent, or discuss anything you want!

Pogo Bowl Gameplay

Pogo Bowl Game

The controls for the game are relatively simple and straightforward. To position the ball’s starting point, you move your mouse left or right. Then, drag the ball upward by holding left-click.
An arrow should appear that determines the direction and speed of the ball. It will slowly fade from yellow, corresponding to how fast the ball will run down the lane. If you’re new, feel free to drag the arrow as far as you want to aim the ball. However, the longer you hold the ball, the slower it will travel.

Tips and Tricks

A good tip is to manage your time efficiently. You should always aim to release the ball as quickly as possible after dragging the mouse forward. The faster you drag, the quicker the pace of the ball.
If you feel more confident, instead of holding left-click and drag it, flick the ball straight forward as this guarantees maximum ball speed. But, it could also lead the ball straight to the gutter if you slightly move the mouse left or right.


Pogo Bowl creates an opportunity for fans to rejoice and have many more matches at the alley.
As a cherish sport that requires a substantial amount of skills, the Pogo Bowl game provides an excellent stimulation of the real-life game. For anyone new to this game, don’t worry. It’s easy to play it at Pogo Spade and entertaining for all ages.

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