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Play Pogo Monopoly.

Monopoly is a board game in which players participate in simulated property and financial dealings using dummy currency. Invented and loved in the US since the 1900s, it has been among the top board games of all time.

The Pogo Monopoly game is an online version of Monopoly, which is more comfortable to play and not less attractive than the traditional version. Let’s take a quick look at its features in this article.

Overview Pogo Monopoly

This exciting online game is about luck and wisdom. What you need to do is wheeling and dealing to grow own your fortune. Brainstorm and wait for luck to make great deals and a lot of money. You can buy estates, assess rent, and watch your nation rise.

However, do not go to prison. If you go bankrupt, you lose the game!

How to play

When it comes to your turn in the Pogo MONOPOLY game, you can throw the roll simply by click the “Roll” button. Then your MONOPOLY chess will move the number of squares displayed on your dice. What happens next depends on the area you arrive.



Just enjoy it like the traditional version of this board game with less effort to roll and land your Monopoly chess as it is automatic! Click this button to roll and see how many squares you are going on the board. If you can go over the “GO” box, you will get a bonus reward of $200! Purchase things when you settle on any area that has no owner.

Watch out! Anyone who gets in one of your properties, they must pay you rent and vice versa! You can begin to build apartments and hostels after purchasing the whole region in a colour group. The more residences you possess, the more rent payment you can get.

Try to avoid Jail as you will waste a lot of time and money to get out. Evade your rival’s assets and other punishments on the board. Arrange transaction and auction off appropriately to drain your rivals out of money!

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Tips and tricks

If both of your dices show the same number, you’ve rolled duplicates. Your chess can move the total number of the two rolls on the board. If it is the first time you roll doubles on that turn, you can roll one more time!

Get all the Title Deeds

Get all the Title Deeds in a color-group on the board

However, if you roll doubles three times consecutively, you will be “In Jail” and your chess will automatically migrate to the prison area. Get all the Title Deeds in a color-group on the board, and you can double your rent rate. When you arrive at any of these boxes, you will draw the top card from the deck.

Then the bank will automatically give or withdraw money, which depends on the card you get. If you get a “Get Out of Jail Free card”, you can keep it to use in case you get in Jail or sell it to other players at a concurrent price If you’re bankrupt and have no property left to sell, you lose the game.

Your creditors will automatically get all of your possession. When you need more money, you can sell your property to the bank or to other players at a concurrent price.

Final words So, this Pogo Monopoly Game is the same as the traditional Monopoly but is an online web game so you can play it anywhere at any time you want. What are you waiting for? Play the Pogo Monopoly game with your friends now! “

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