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Pogo RISK Game


Play Pogo BRISK.

Considered to be one of the most famous board games, Pogo RISK has finally made its appearance in digital form and ready to dominate the online board game genre.

Originally developed in 1957, Risk is based around a political theme while implementing a simple set of rules. Suitable for both children and adults, this challenging game will leave you wanting more. Now you can play Pogo RISK game on!

Overview RISK

Pogo Risk puts you in the shoes of a head leader of your chosen nation. Your goal is simple, to globally dominate by coming up with strategies, controlling your army, and expanding your territory. With the lack of diplomacy in the game, you get to invade neighboring armies and defend your land.

However, remember that you aren’t the only one who wants to gain power. Your opponents will have their own preposition as you all work towards the same goal. Remember to plan your moves carefully! One wrong move and you create the opportunity for your opponent to step closer to victory. Be mindful in your strategy. Think about the RISK!



How to Play Pogo RISK

This versatile game is playable as a single-player game or with up to six people. In the beginning, each player takes turns to deploy their troops on their desired territories regarding the world map. Your journey begins when everyone has finished putting their military in place.

As the deployment phase commences, players take alternating turns to expand their military pawns onto other unattained territories. During your turn, you’re allowed to perform the following three actions of either attack, reinforce, or fortify. Attack means taking your troops to eliminate the enemy’s forces on the neighboring territory. The result of the battle depends mostly on the size of the army.

Risk pogo

you’ll never have a dull moment when playing RISK

However, with a lucky (or unlucky) dice roll, a foreseen victory can become an unexpectedly humiliating defeat. After claiming territories, you should fortify your army to strengthen their defense against other enemies. Keep on reinforcing and attacking to weaken your opponents. For every move that you pursue, you’re one step closer to global domination.

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Tips and Tricks

Despite having simple rules, many ways could result in you in a quick defeat. Here are some tips and tricks to prevent downfalls and help you claim victory.

● Creating smaller and more achievable goals will allow you to come up with a more solid strategy. Don’t just aim for total victory. Every detail is important.

● Try to capture easy continents such as Australia and Africa during the beginning of the game. It’ll grant you powerful bonuses later on!

● Work on building and strengthening your army to have a larger chance of winning battles and defending attacks.


What are you waiting for? There’s a world for you to conquer! Fulfill your wildest dream of taking over the world by playing this exclusive game. As a strategically propelled game, you’ll never have a dull moment when playing RISK. Invite your friends over and play limitless matches of Pogo RISK game. “

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