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Pogo Mahjong Garden HD


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Pogo Mahjong Garden HD

Play Mahjong garden HD.

Inspired by the familiar mahjong game of China, Mahjong Garden HD, from publisher Pogo Games, brings you new experiences.

Not only conquering is the conquest of the mahjong tables, but this game is also a journey along with a culture.

Besides, the victories you win will be the foundation to raise dragons – a symbol of China. Is that enough to make you curious?

Come and let your mind and your observing mind be explored!

Mahjong Garden HD Overview

Inheriting the spirit of the predecessors, Mahjong Garden HD brings in the unmistakable points of the Mahjong series. The game is structured into games but it is worth noting that after each game, the player’s task is not finalized. Closing each level are puzzles related to the signs of the zodiac.

Completing that sentence after each level is also the time to light 12 zodiac signs to bring life to the little dragon, Drake. But Drake is just the beginning of the interesting things that the publisher Pogo Games cleverly built.

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Mahjong Garden HD Pogo

How to play Mahjong Garden HD

Before taking part in the journey of Mahjong Garden HD, you need to be clear that the goal of the game is to remove all tiles that appear in each game.

The rule is simple: tiles can be removed when you create a match between two identical tiles provided they are not underneath or between two other tiles.

There are three types of tiles: Season tiles, Flower tiles, Regular tiles.

One of the points you should keep in mind if you want to gain more points as well as reward in that game is a combination of tiles

The flower tiles can be combined without considering the rules. Season tiles can also be combined in any way. But when you match two flower tiles or two same season tiles you can get extra points as well as bonuses from the game.

Mahjong garden HD

More specifically, your garden is the garden of Pogo Games meaning it is a special garden. In that garden, you can easily recognize the interweaving variation between seasons. And if you can go through all four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter, you can get countless bonus points.

Oh, we should not ignore the puzzles that will appear at the end of each game. These puzzles are inspired by the animals in the zodiac of China. Let try to solve them as quickly as possible because it will be a huge point.

Lighting all the signs of the zodiac is also the time when little dragon Drake aged one year. And you can collect a lot of different Dragon Badge when Drake reaches certain milestones.

Tip and tricks

Mahjong Garden HD is a very interesting game but it will be even more interesting if you make the most of all the buttons in the game.

● You can use the UNDO button to take yourself back to the previous move when you make a wrong move.
● The HINT and SHOW ALL button can give you suggestions about matches to remove tiles.

Note: These buttons are always accompanied by time penalties when used.

You can make a small change in how tiles are arranged by using the TILES button. Or you can also remove time pressure to have a more relaxing experience by turning off the timer in the Setting Menu.

Another thing is that you can completely change the texture of the puzzle in the Tiles Menu.
Besides, being a member of Club Pogo also gives you extremely special benefits.


All the things I just suggested are enough to make you curious? Come and join Pogo amazing journey to Play Mahjong Garden HD.

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