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Payday Poker Pogo

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Payday Poker Pogo

Payday Poker Pogo

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Payday Poker is a Pogo Parlor game, which lets players use coins for betting. Those coins can be purchased using your money, or if you are patient enough, you can save them up daily.

The Coins getting daily will be given each time logging in Payday Poker Pogo. Those coins are the currency that is used in the game and are also a requirement for challenging. It also decides the ranking of the player.

The rule for playing each match in Payday Poker Pogo is the same as the other poker games. And like other pogo games, each achievement you have made in the game will be saved to your profile in the Pogo social network.

This game contains 50 ranks and 5 badges for ranking, which you will earn from reaching ranks 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50. If you are familiar with Poker, jump straight into and play it. If you don’t know what Poker is, simply look at the gameplay instruction below.

Payday Poker Pogo

Payday Poker

Gameplay Payday Poker Pogo

Payday Poker and Poker are generally played with a 52-card pack, with the addition of 2 jokers. One pack will be shuffled when one card pack is being dealt with by players. You will start the game with two cards only, you will then be added with many other cards to form combinations.

The combinations value are:

  • Five of a kind: the highest possible hand and can only occur when at least one card is wild, 2 one-eyed jacks or the four deuces.
  • Straight Flush: the highest possible hand when only the standard pack is in used without any wild card
  • Four of a kind: the second-highest hand
  • Full house: is made up of 3 cards from one rank and 2 cards from the other rank
  • Flush: five cards of the same suit but not all in sequence
  • And some more
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