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The Pogo Mahjong Escape


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The Pogo Mahjong Escape

Play Pogo Mahjong Escape.

If you are a fan of playing one-on-one games with so many incredible challenges you need to overcome, the Pogo Mahjong Escape game is such a game.

You love new lands, secrets hidden behind your dynasties and empires, furthermore, a journey that is not blocked in which you need to complete the stages as soon as possible in the Pogo Mahjong Escape.

For those who already know how to play mahjong, this game is an interesting challenge for you. Make a journey through the dynasties and explore the world through this fascinating mahjong adventure.

You will have been playing mahjong, knowing more about ancient empires. Collect badges to complete the dynasty levels and don’t forget to explore the time machine to new lands and dynasties.

How to play Pogo Mahjong Escape

Pogo Mahjong Escape is an engaging and interesting puzzle that requires you to solve by making bricks, arranging it before you run out of time. If you increase your power in time, it will be easy for you to progress and open the next position.


Pogo Mahjong Escape

In particular, once you succeed in completing special levels of randomly generated empires in the adventure, you can get the Badge. Pogo Mahjong Escape will take you to other interesting places by arranging the squares in the game. You can reset your profile by returning anytime.

Try to get through challenges wisely if you want to achieve the best scores and rankings. The more you get to the end of the game, the more experience you’ll need.

Just like you are original, always look for available pairs of identical pieces.

Tip and tricks Pogo Mahjong Escape

Hint: opens an available match.

Multi-Hint: display up to 4 matches.

Auto-Play: increase power automatically with up to 5 cells.

Shuffle: if you get stuck on a layout or have the right to move? Use Shuffle power-ups to keep the remaining cells organized.

Joker: select a cell and use this power-up feature and all matching combinations of that cell will be erased within the game, even if they are hidden under many cells.

Magnet: if there is a brick blocking your way? Use Magnet to get the bricks to move out of the way, you can use them to pair them later.

Time-Freeze: you have a time problem? Please improve your time by using the freezing time increase function to stop the clock within 30 seconds.

Skip: you have trouble with a level, skip function can be used. With the skipped levels, you won’t get any stars, but don’t forget that you can come back and try again later.


Pogo Mahjong Escape is a game that is worth a try when you are free and you only play alone without friends. Mahjong matches and many other ancient empires are waiting for you to explore through each game. Good luck!

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