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Poppit! Bingo Pogo

Play Pogo Poppit! Bingo.

It is hard to resist the game that we also know and love, Pogo Poppit! Bingo Game, a new release by Pogo. Featuring an exciting addition to the classic game, you get to meet Spike and pop balloons together.

Pogo Poppit Bingo

Nothing is more thrilling than finding each number on the five by five square made from balloons and waiting intensely for the right opportunity to obtain the Bingo.

Full of power-ups and up to 200 challenging levels for you to dive in, you can collect prizes and achievement rewards. Promising a fun experience for all players, brings the classic Bingo game to a whole new level


Overview Poppit! Bingo Game

Poppit! Bingo is a traditional Bingo game with exciting additional features.

Poppit! Bingo

You’ll surely have a fun time when playing this party balloon themed game. Instead of the tedious paper cut-out bingo board, you have the exciting job of popping balloons.

Each balloon has a number, representing the numbers in a traditional bingo game. Additionally, each balloon that you pop holds different rewards like XP, Cactus Cash, and Tickets.

Rewards are essential in this game as it allows you to fill your progress meter and power up. By leveling up, you earn more significant rewards. In Poppit! Bingo, you can progress as high as level 200!

Another reward is Cactus Cash, the most crucial currencies in Poppit! Bingo. It allows you to purchase tickets and Power-up activators.

These items are equally important. Tickets determine the number of Bingo cards you can play – you can have up to four cards in one game. More Bingo cards mean more opportunities to win.

Power-up activators allow you to trigger the power-up meter, represented by the big balloon held by Spike the cactus. Once activated, the balloon will start inflating as you start clearing balloons. When fully inflated, you can click to activate the displayed power-up.

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How To Play Poppit! Bingo Game

Use tickets to determine the number of cards you will be playing for each game.
The rule is simple, pop the balloon on your card that matches the called number. When you have five balloons popped in a row, either vertical, horizontal, or diagonal, call a Bingo! Remember, there is always a free space in the middle of the card to use for Bingo.

Use Power-up activators to initiate the power-up balloons and trigger explosive power-ups!

Tips and Tricks

If you think you’ve missed a number, you can always consult the number checker in the top-right corner to see all drawn numbers.

Remember, the game doesn’t stop after one bingo. Keep playing and stack up multiple Bingos to earn explosive rewards at the end!

You can always dismiss a power-up charge by using the trash icon. However, by doing this, you will also deflate the power-up balloon.


With many challenges and levels to complete, the fun doesn’t end until the last Bingo gets called. If you’re looking for an explosive and entertaining way to kill time or to relax after a long day of work, why not play Pogo Poppit! Bingo Game at Pogo

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